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MEMBERSHIP - The TVTA builds and maintains local trails for use by Bradford area residents and visitors. We rely on memberships, memorials, donations, fund raisers, and government grants. Most government grants require matching funds from local sources. That means grant money is accessible only if we help ourselves by generating local financial support. We depend on you for the continued maintenance and development of our Tuna Valley Trails. Give fifteen dollars or more for a membership or renewal. Or if already a member make an additional donation. Giving is easy by choosing one of the buttons below to donate on-line or by mail at the address below. Payment on line is through PayPal. It is secure, and you do not need a PayPal account.

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VOLUNTEERING - In addition to the Adopt-A-Trail Program volunteers often help with TVTA events and Girls Planting Treesother matters. Let us know you are interested in helping by contacting us at Tuna Valley Trail Association. P0 Box 1003. Bradford, PA 16701 or email us at

CORPORATE SPONSORS - Corporations and businesses in the area have found our Corporate Sponsorship Programs an effective way to support the community. Contact the Office of Economic and Community Development at 814-368-71710 ext. 113 or



ADOPT-A-TRAIL - The Adopt-A-Trail Program offers an opportunity to Join with your neighbors in maintaining our community network of trails A-A-T partners provide occasional light maintenance, clean-up, and scouting of trail conditions. The Tuna Valley Association posts signs recognizing the person, organization, or informal group that has adopted a section of trail. To tell us you are interested in becoming an Adopt-A-Trail partner contact us at: Tuna Valley Trail Association. P0 Box 1003. Bradford, PA 16701 or email us at

To see a list of the current Adopt-A-Trail Partners, the trails available for adoption and a sample A-A-T agreement select the button below.

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MEMORIALS - A memorial is a great way to honor someone and aid your community trails at Graphic - Madeline's Birder's Restthe same time. Contributing funds for a bench in our Trail Bench Project is a popular way to make a memorial. Many other opportunities exist.

Donations can be sent to TVTA at P.O. Box 1003, Bradford, PA 16701, or for more information contact Susan Schenfield at