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The Marilla Ridge Road and its connecting  trail to Hidden Valley Passage make possible many combinations of trails so hikers can tailor their route to the length, terrain and scenes desired. Marilla Ridge Road is a well-maintained logging road along the ridge above the Marilla Reservoir.

Marilla Rocks Trail makes a great excursion off Marilla Ridge Road. Conglomerate rock formations are there to explore. Look for blue diamond blazes on the west side of the road.

Manila Overlook Trail is a gentle 0.75-mile connector trail from MariIla Ridge Road to White Pine Trail. The trail ends at a small clearing overlooking Marilla Reservoir. The reservoir is visible in winter but may be obscured at other times.

Manila Bridges Trail is a 1-mile loop around MariIla Reservoir. This is perhaps our most scenic trail. The surface is finely crushed stone. The grades are near-level with moderate approaches to the three wooden bridges that cross the feeder streams and the spillway. A gazebo, Madeline’s Birders’ Rest, can be found at the southern end of the loop. This is a great spot to enjoy the surroundings and rest, picnic or gather with friends. The site of the gazebo is also the trailhead of the MariIla Springs Trail. Just across MariIla Brook from the gazebo is the eastern end of the White Pines Trail. It can also be accessed from the MariIla Springs Trail

Manila Springs Trail is a 3.5-mile point-to-point trail that begins at the gazebo on the Bridges Trail and follows MariIla Brook up stream to its source. From the north side of the reservoir where the parking is it is approximately 1/2-mile to the gazebo going either direction around the Marilla Bridges Trail loop. The surface is a mix of finely crushed limestone and native soil. Grades are moderate. The forest views are terrific.

Trail-head parking is available at the upper end of Marilla Springs Trail off FS 173 (Stickney Lane). To get there from the reservoir travel west on US Route 346 4.8 miles to Forest Road 173. Turn left and travel 3.7 miles to FR 173H on the left. There is limited parking space on FR 173H - do not block the road. Walk down FR 173H for 3/10-mile. A sign marks the beginning of the Marilla Springs Trail descending to the left. This is the junction of the Marilla Springs Trail and Bullis Hollow Trail.

White Pine Trail is a challenging 1.8-mile path connecting the Bridges Trail and Springs Trail. The three trails make a 3.5-mile loop. The trail follows blue diamonds to the top of the ridge then drops back down to MariIla Brook. As the name indicates, the key features of this trail are majestic old growth white pine trees. TVTA maps provide greater detail on the route of this trail. Map Button - Marilla Trails